About Us

Gary Behmer owned Havasu Roofing in Lake Havasu City, Arizona from 1975-1991. After retiring for a few years, he moved to Flagstaff, Arizona in the early 2000's and opened up Traditional Roofing Inc with his son. Traditional Roofing was bought out in 2014 from Flynn Companies. Gary then opened up Havasu Roofing of Northern Arizona with his daughter, Calli Shafor. Gary's passion is roofing, he loves what he does and will give you the best service and quality in Arizona.

Why Choose Havasu Roofing of Northern Arizona:

  • All work overseen by owner
  • Personal meet & greet with customers
  • Clearly explain necessary services
  • Provide multiple cost options
  • Our goal is to save you money and extend the roof life

If you don't know your roof, know your roofer! Call (928) 774-1212 or email us today for your FREE estimate.

Havasu Roofing Team on a job site